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Facebook ads and diversifying your internet marketing strategy

Catch 22 and Addiction to Advertising

When you’re in the beginning phases of building your brand, it’s unreasonable to believe that your organic ranking will sustain your business by itself. To compensate, we leverage the instant results provided by paid ads since organic rankings take time. But many companies develop an unhealthy addiction to and develop a dependence on paid ads.

Short Tale of Facebook Ads

One client of ours built a strong following on Facebook through the use of Facebook ads. Facebook ads provided a cheap, fast way to garner traffic and sales. They also helped them build an organic following on Facebook. However, when we investigated their website data, we learned the scary truth—90 percent of their internet sales were coming from Facebook’s advertising platform. One change from Facebook’s advertising platform could cause a business to crumble in a month. Advertising platforms change their policies constantly ranging from enforcing stricter rules for certain industries to deprecating features.

Advertising Platforms can Change at the Drop of a Hat

For instance, in 2011 we noticed quite a few home computer repair services fighting for legitimacy as Google tightened the reigns for the industry as a whole. Hundreds of illegitimate tech companies were preying on older, gullible adults looking for a way to remove viruses on their computer. While this was an appreciated move for the victims of these scans, several home IT services were hurting—many didn’t survive the change.

Be There or Be Square

Another reason you want to make sure your products have at least a ranking on Google (and it doesn’t have to be a first-page ranking), is for when a user searches for your product after seeing the Facebook ad. According to Google, half of the people who see an ad on their phone do a Google search (about that ad’s product). If your website doesn’t appear in the results, you may miss out on that free traffic. Worse, negative reviews or forums may exist and overshadow your website in the search results. Neither scenario is desirable and the remedy is simple. Basic SEO can guarantee those long tail searches that should be rightfully yours.

On the Horizon

With the recent criticism against Facebook, we expect massive shifts to their advertising platform in the near future. We recommend diversifying your risk by leveraging SEO, multiple advertising platforms, off-line marketing, and email marketing.

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