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Top Ways to Skyrocket eCommerce Sales and Improve Conversions

eCommerce marketing is a crucial part of your overall success as an online business. What most online shops fear is the cost of marketing. The truth about boosting eCommerce sales and improving conversions is that neither should break your budget if you’re doing it right. Unfortunately, many online marketing companies stress the need for expensive strategies, overpriced packages, and pricey campaigns that don’t work. 

We’re here to set the record straight and give you the real deal about eCommerce conversion optimization and low-cost marketing. Let’s say you sell online groceries. The first step in finding success with your online business comes when customers search for “online groceries” and your website comes up. Score! The customer clicks through your website, adds your hottest deals to their cart, and enter their billing and shipping info to complete the order. It sounds like a perfect scenario, right? We hate to break it to you, but most eCommerce stores don’t find success like this without a decent amount of work. 

Realistically, customers search for “online groceries” and hundreds of beautiful websites show up in the search engine results. Unless you’ve been working on your marketing strategy and found the right team to bring you results, you won’t likely be at the top of the list when all those results pop up. So, how do you find success and sell your products? You increase your conversion rates and multiply sales through a low-cost marketing strategy that brings you results! Let’s take a closer look at how you can do this without spending all the money you’ve worked so hard to earn. 

Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Boost eCommerce Sales in 2020

If you want to multiply sales and crush conversions, it’s easier than you think. Combine these six strategies to unlock your full potential online. 

Enhance the Product Experience

While most businesses focus solely on the overall store experience, paying close attention to the details of your product pages can greatly improve conversion rates. While most customers enjoy the convenience of online shopping, there’s still something different about being able to physically see and touch a product. That’s the advantage of brick and mortar stores today. But there is a way to create a better product experience. 

Enhance the customer experience by improving the way a customer “sees” your products. Easy ways to improve product visualization are:

  • Add a zoom option that allows customers to get a closer look. Be sure to only use high-resolution images on your product pages. 
  • Use VR and AR to give customers a virtual experience. For example, if you sell furniture, use the latest technology to allow customers the option to see your products in their own homes. 
  • Add product videos that show different angles, common uses, and highlight the amazing qualities of your products. 

Find Ways to Gain Your Viewers’ Trust

Online shoppers are smart and they can easily see through most marketing tactics. If you treat them like leads, they’ll know right away. Instead, treat your viewers like friends. Show them you truly care about them as customers and you value their business. Use email marketing to personalize emails. Ditch the formal tone of voice and find a way to relate to your customers. 

Use tools, analytics, and automation to track buying patterns and get a deeper look at your customers’ behaviors. Add product reviews to your pages and encourage your current customers to weigh in on your products and their experience with your business. Integrate these extra efforts to build a sense of trust and bond with your customers:

  • Integrate feedback widgets that allow customers to deliver instant responses about their experience.
  • Place testimonials, reviews, user-generated content, and other client feedback throughout your entire website. 
  • Personalize your e-mails, newsletters, and other content so your customers feel special. Every customer is valuable to the growth of your business. Treat them as such. 

Find Creative Ways to Upsell

eCommerce growth isn’t just about bringing in new customers, but it is also about retaining your current customers. Find creative ways to upsell your current customers. Offer upgrades and product add-ons. Focus on your current customers’ comfortable price points and keep your upselling efforts within their budget. Show viewers the value in each upgrade or add-on. Be specific. 

Using words like “high-quality” and “premium” aren’t going to cut it in today’s market. Clearly explain the value your customers get when they buy a specific product. For example, use specific details like “extended battery life,” “all-natural,” and “certified.” Don’t try to upsell right away. Give your customers time to browse around your website and get comfortable with your brand. You don’t want to distract your customers from purchasing what they were originally looking for. 

Avoid upselling distractions with these steps:

  • Only deliver upsells that are relevant to what your customer is already looking at and be sure the price points match. 
  • Create a sense of urgency by adding a trigger action that suggests a limited-time offer. 
  • Keep all upsells at the bottom of the page. Consider holding them off until the checkout page. 
  • Reward customers who take advantage of upsells. Send unique discount codes or gifts through email. 

Consider the Advantage of Reaching Out to Influencers

In today’s society, consumers put a great deal of trust in influencers they follow online. Find influencers that are related to your brand. Studies show that people are more likely to purchase a product that has been recommended by someone they follow online. Influencer marketing is huge! 

Reach out to influencers that share content relevant to the products you sell. Follow them on social media. Share their posts. Then make a direct contact attempt. Offer your product for free if they’ll do an unboxing on their social media. Ask them to share specific deals or promotions. Use special promotional codes that influencers can share with their followers to get a discount or free gift. Encourage fun contests among the influencers you’re using. 

Don’t Ignore the Power of Instagram

While having a creative, engaging eCommerce store is crucial to your success, you should also consider selling your products on Instagram. Launch a smaller version of your store directly through social media and watch how quickly it takes off. With 200 million active Instagram users online, the social media platform is an eCommerce powerhouse in itself. Instagram users love the convenience of shopping for and purchasing products right on the app as they’re browsing. 

Start with your best-sellers. Use the same best practices for product images and descriptions as you would on your website. Consider taking advantage of highly-targeted ads to help strengthen brand awareness. Create an awesome business bio that draws in potential customers. Stick to the same color theme and design you do on your website and other social media platforms. Find the best hashtags for your business and use them to gain searchers. 

Choose a User-Friendly eCommerce Design

The fact is that if you don’t have a mobile responsive design, users will leave your website as quickly as they came to it. Most online shoppers do their purchasing on-the-go. That means you need to be sure your site is mobile optimized and easily conforms to whatever device your viewers are using. Take the mobile experience to the next level by adding trendy features. Implement fast-loading images, one-click checkout, buy now buttons, and other ways to enhance the shopping experience. 

Find new and innovative ways to make shopping with your brand faster and easier. The less work it takes, the more likely your conversion rates will rise. Add the following to your mobile design:

  • Use a large search box so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.
  • Make navigation easy with a responsive menu with clear, precise category labels. 
  • Use high-resolution, clear imagery that allows viewers to click through different views and zoom in when they choose. 
  • Make sure the text is easy to read. Choose a fond that is big enough and clear enough to make out. 
  • Minimize the need for mindless scrolling through your product descriptions by frontloading as much as possible. 

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